"New Engine" for Development of Nanning International Railway Port

 Published:2021-12-31  【字体:

  On December 16, China Railway Nanning Group Co., Ltd. completed the contract signing for the investment in the e-commerce logistics area and the delivery of the agricultural products processing area respectively at Nanning International Railway Port. SF Express and 12 rice processing enterprises will operate in Nanning International Railway Port in an effort to make Nanning International Railway Port the largest logistics allocating center and rice processing base facing ASEAN.

  After the contract signing, SF Express will be officially stationed in the e-commerce logistics area of Nanning International Railway/Highway Port, and will build an express allocating center and a logistics allocating center respectively. With a useable land area of about 285 mu, a floor area of more than 150,000m2 and a total investment of more than RMB 1 billion in construction, equipment and facilities, these two centers are expected to be put into use by the end of 2022. The agricultural products processing area covers a total land area of 151 mu, with a total floor area of more than 50,000m2 and four large warehouses, which will be delivered for use by precision machinery parts processing enterprises and grain and oil enterprises.

  Song Jianqiang, General Manager of Guangxi Ningtie International Logistics Co., Ltd., said that the railway sector will also vigorously promote the direct access of E-commerce trains to the port, seek better intermodal transport and "integrated" logistics service network, effectively help enterprises in the port to reduce comprehensive logistics costs, and give full play to the role of Nanning International Railway Port as a core terminal of New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor.