(1) Internal departments (27) 

General Office (the Party Leadership Group Office, Board Office), Development & Reform Department, Department of Business Management & Legal Affairs, Finance Department, Department of Science, Technology and Information Technology (Chief-Engineer Office), Department of Human Resources (Organization Department of the Party Leadership Group), Department of Labor & Health, Department of International Cooperation (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office), Business Development Department, Materials Management Department, Transport Planning Supervision Bureau (Chief-Dispatcher Office), Passenger Transport Department, Freight Transport Department, Traffic Control Department, Locomotive & Car Department, Department of Track, Communication & Signaling and Power Supply, Construction Management Department, Safety Supervision & Management Bureau, Audit & Appraisal Bureau, Supervisory Bureau (co-located with Discipline Inspection Group of the Party Leadership Group) , Publicity Department (Publicity Department of the Party Leadership Group), Leading Group Office for Inspection Work of the Party Leadership Group, All-China Railway Federation of Labor Unions, China Railway Communist Youth League Committee, Party Committee of Directly-Affiliated Departments, Bureau of Retired Officials, Sichuan-Tibet Railway Project Construction Headquarters (Leading Group) Office.  

(2) Organizations directly under CHINA RAILWAY (3) 

Engineering Management Center, Engineering Quality Supervision Administration (co-located with Engineering Management Center), Capital Settlement Center (China Railway Finance Co., Ltd.), and Archive Center 

(3) Representative agencies (12) 

Office of Safety Supervision and Management Commissioner (6): respectively located in Shenyang, Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai, Chengdu and Lanzhou 

Auditing Commissioner’s Office (6): respectively located in Shenyang, Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai, Chengdu and Lanzhou 

(4) Organization under the management of CHINA RAILWAY authorized by the State Council: Railway Public Security Bureau (The railway public security management system is currently under the reform. )