Refined Organization Improves Performance of Passenger Transport

 Published:2021-12-31  【字体:

  Recently, China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. has coordinated epidemic prevention and control with key railway work. Focusing on refining the passenger transport, the Group continuously improves the efficiency, flexibility, refinement and innovation of capacity allocation on Wuhan–Shiyan HSR, Wuhan-Yichang Railway, etc., within its jurisdiction based on the strategy of “unique diagram for each day”, so as to improve the operation performance of passenger transport by all means.

  Improving capacity allocation for high efficiency. In accordance with the operation idea of "increasing capacity in the peak season and saving cost by reducing the number of trains in the off season", the Group has worked out different train operation diagrams for the off and peak seasons to maximize train operation efficiency.

  Improving capacity allocation for flexibility. The Group has arranged long formation for trains with sufficient passenger flow and flexibly allocated trainsets according to the passenger flow, so as to realize the train allocation according to passenger flow.

  Improving capacity allocation for refinement. The Group has comprehensively designed the operation diagram of Wuhan-Shiyan HSR, basically consisting of through trains and over-line trains, etc., and arranged the most suitable routes and trains according to different seasons and different passenger flow characteristics. It also refined the train operation to realize the match of capacity allocation with market demand.

  Improving capacity allocation for innovation. The Group has actively developed new passenger transport products. Taking Yichangdong Railway Station and Xiangyangdong Railway Station as pilot stations, it has designed the train coupling/decoupling routes of Wuhan–Shiyan HSR and Wuhan-Yichang Railway respectively to achieve a precise match between track capacity allocation and passenger demand. The Group has actively developed the “circle-line tour” passenger transport products within Hubei province, which achieved good economic and social benefits.