Promoting Container Transport of Bulk Goods at Final Stretch to Fulfill Annual Delivery Target

 Published:2021-12-28  【字体:

  Since the beginning of this year, China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. has strengthened the container transport organization of key supplies such as food and coal, and enhanced container transport product development. In the first 11 months, it realized a container transport of 22.07 million tons, an increase of 2.85 million tons year on year.

  In order to fulfill the annual delivery target and win the campaign of "two adherences and two realizations", the company has leveraged strengths of container transport, e.g. low damage of cargo, environmental protection and efficient loading/unloading, to optimize the traffic organization of bulk goods.

  With coal transport as the starting point, the company has prioritized the cycle transport of coals in units or trains with open-top containers, vigorously promoted the "bulk to container" transition, and improved the proportion of coals transported in containers. It has successively developed unitized coal transport services from Manzhouli to Zhangweitun and from Yakeshi to Gaojia. Since the launch of these services in November, a total of 1,495 cars (96,000 tons) of coals have been transported.