CR Guangzhou Sets Successive Records for Car Loading

 Published:2021-12-28  【字体:

  On December 16, 17 and 19, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. registered the car loading of 6634, 6644 and 6658, setting successive records for single-day car loading. December 19 was the 13th time this year that the company broke the historical record of single-day car loading.

  In the campaign of "two adherences and two realizations", the company has taken the car unloading as the priority and created conditions for car loading. It insists on the transport organization principle of "unloading first, emptying next, and loading last", and makes the fast movement of cars under its administration as the first priority to ensure the daily car unloading of 11,000 or more; it insists on the strategy of "both focusing on coal/coke and other goods" and carries out freight marketing with all efforts; it also focuses on the port transport, block train transport of goods other than coal/coke, "bulk to container" transport and commercial car transport, in a bid to promote transport volume and income.

  At present, the company is at the final stretch for fulfilling the annual target. CR Guangzhou will fully mobilize the transport capacity, well manage the traffic organization, and strive to achieve further success in the campaign of "two adherences and two realizations".