First Kunming-originated International Freight Train Arrives in Vientiane via. China-Laos Railway

 Published:2021-12-21  【字体:

  At 0:11 on December 5, Beijing time (23:11 on December 4, Lao time), originated from Kunming Station, the first international freight train (No. 21051) operated on China-Laos Railway arrived at Vientiane South Station in Laos.

  On the opening day of China-Laos Railway, this international freight train originated from Kunming Station and crossing the border via Mohan Port finished the whole journey on China-Laos Railway in much less time compared to road transport. The railway cross-border transport with low cost and fast speed brings new development opportunities to many industries in regions along China-Laos Railway.

  At the initial operation period of China-Laos Railway, the Lao section is operated and maintained by China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd. under the entrust of Laos-China Railway Company Limited. The railway departments of China and Laos have formulated a train operation plan under the conditions of epidemic prevention and control, and two pairs of cross-border freight trains are operated daily between Kunming Station and Vientiane South Station. Yanhe, Yuanjiang, Mohan and other stations in the Chinese section and Luang Prabang, Vientiane South and other stations in the Lao section provide freight services.