Track Laying Completed on Jiamusi-Hegang Railway, the Easternmost Fast Railway under Construction in China

 Published:2021-11-29  【字体:

  At the construction site of the Dalu Station of Jiamusi-Hegang Railway on October 26, the track laying of Jiamusi-Hegang Railway, the easternmost fast railway reconstruction project in China, was completed with the last set of rails laid and connected, which laid a solid foundation for the railway to open to traffic.

  Existing Jiamusi-Hegang Railway is situated in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province, featuring poor technical conditions and low operation speed. With a total length of 71.6 km, including 40.4km reconstructed line and 31.2km newly-built line, the reconstructed railway is designed with a speed of 160 km/h and with a reserved speed of 200km/h. There are 8 stations along the whole line, namely Jiamusi Station, Jiamusi West Station, Lianjiangkou Station, Banjiehe Station, Heli Station, Hegang South Station, Dalu Station and Hegang Station.