CHINA RAILWAY Solidly Guarantees Transport of Thermal Coal

 Published:2021-11-22  【字体:

  Since October, the railway sector has given full play to the advantages of China's railway network under centralized and unified command. By accurately meeting the transport demand and opening up green channels for quick loading and transport, it has solidly guaranteed the special transport of coal for power generation and heating in this winter and next spring, thus ensuring people's warmth in winter and maintaining normal economic and social development. From October 1 to 20, the daily car loading of thermal coal on national railways reached 52,357 cars, up 17% year on year. As of October 20, the coal storage in 363 power plants directly receiving the railway coal supply has reached 35.04 million tons, up 18% compared with that at the end of September. Their coal storage is enough for 16.6 days' consumption, 2.6 days more than that at the end of September.