CHINA RAILWAY Express Trains Operated by CR Beijing See a Major Growth

 Published:2021-11-04  【字体:

  At 12:07 on September 19, X8106 CRE train carrying 1000 tons of export goods (in 100 TEUs) departed from Shijiazhuang International Land Port and headed to Poland. The goods on this CRE train mainly include mountain bikes, stacking machines, steel cords, spools and clothing, etc. The train is expected to arrive in Mataszewicze, Poland 15 days later.

  Since the beginning of this year, there has been a strong demand for CRE trains. In order to promote safe and stable operation and keep strong growth of CRE trains, China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd. and China Railway Beijing Group Co., Ltd. have strengthened the traffic organization and improved the service quality. At present, the operation pattern of "three corridors and multiple routes" has taken initial shape.