Heilongjiang Province Operates First CHINA RAILWAY Express Train in 2021

 Published:2021-02-19  【字体:

  At 23:33 on January 20, with the horn blowing, a freight train consisting of 49 cars, loaded with brake boosters and tower cranes, slowly departed from Harbin International Container Center Station and headed for Moscow, Russia via Manzhouli Port. This is the first CRE train operated by China Railway Harbin Group Co., Ltd. in Heilongjiang Province this year.

  At present, the products transported by CRE trains originating from Harbin mainly include auto parts, mechanical equipment, chemical products, daily necessities and other categories, while the products transported by CRE trains on the way back to Harbin mainly include the fixed freight traffic sources such as plates, auto parts, mechanical equipment and daily necessities. The stably operated CRE trains have become an important transport corridor for Heilongjiang's foreign trade and played an important role in serving the domestic and international logistic circulations.