Orderly and Smoothly Operated CHINA RAILWAY Express Trains Widely Praised

 Published:2021-02-10  【字体:

  Recently, CRE services were once again being praised on the press conference of the National Development and Reform Commission and the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, CRE trains have been continuously operated orderly and smoothly to deliver the "Chinese strength" for global pandemic prevention and economy recovery, and promote the cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, which were fully affirmed and widely concerned by all circles.

  Facing the severe impact of COVID-19, the railway sector gave full play to the unique advantages and strategic corridor role of CRE trains, and guaranteed the safe, smooth and stable operation. In 2020, the number of CRE trains operated reached 12,400 (1.135 million TEUs), with an overall loaded container rate up to 98.4%, which made positive contributions to building a new development pattern of services and international cooperation in pandemic prevention.