Spring Festival Travel Rush in 2021 Begins

 Published:2021-02-05  【字体:

  On January 28, the Spring Festival travel rush in 2021 officially kicked off, which will last for 40 days and end on March 8. Insisting on putting epidemic prevention and control in the first place and building a firm line of prevention and control against epidemic, the railway sector has flexibly allocated its transport capacity and implemented various services for the convenience and benefit of the people, striving to achieve the goal of "safe, orderly and warm Spring Festival rail transport that offers passengers a better travel experience".

  Conscientiously following the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and in accordance with the general requirement of "guarding against imported cases and preventing a resurgence of the outbreak at home", the railway sector has focused on both the epidemic prevention and control and the transport services, and strengthened the transport of living and anti-epidemic supplies and thermal coals, thus guaranteeing people can enjoy a happy and auspicious Spring Festival.