Capacity Expansion and Reconstruction of Quanzhou Railway Station Completed on Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway

 Published:2022-05-30  【字体:

              In the early morning of May 19, the first dynamic inspection train from Xiamen passed through the newly built track No. 16 at Quanzhou Railway Station, to complete the test on the entire station, marking the successful completion of the capacity expansion and reconstruction of Quanzhou Railway Station after 18 months' intensive construction, as one of the critical works in the construction of Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway, and laying a solid foundation for the opening to traffic of the entire Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway.
            As many as 140 pairs of trains are operated every day across Quanzhou Railway Station, a station shared by Hangzhou-Shenzhen HSR and Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway. The current capacity expansion and upgrading projects comprise the upgrading of two existing tracks, construction of one new receiving-departure track, and four additional residing tracks for train sets. Due to diverse technologies included, heavy workload, and extremely high safety risks during maintenance window, it is regarded as one of the critical works of Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway.
            Targeting the key and difficult construction points such as foundation pit excavation for OCS at nighttime, removal and installation of super-long portal beams and replacement of signal software, the construction contractor formulated special construction plans, erected anti-collapse steel plate support for foundation pits, and conducted pre-assembly and pre-lifting, one beam and one policy and other control measures for large-scale head spans to ensure stable and controllable construction of such key and difficult points. As of May 19, the expanded and upgraded Quanzhou Railway Station has been accepted in the dynamic inspection train test after the construction at 180 window points.