Mudanjiang-Jiamusi HSR (China's Easternmost HSR) Starts Trial Operation

 Published:2021-08-31  【字体:

  At 8:16 on August 19, the first trial operation train of Mudanjiang-Jiamusi HSR departed from Mudanjiang Station, marking that Mudanjiang-Jiamusi HSR, the easternmost HSR in China, officially entered the trial operation stage. It is expected that the whole line will be put into operation at the end of September.

  Mudanjiang-Jiamusi HSR is located in the east of Heilongjiang, with a total length of 371.6 km and a design speed of 250 km / h. It is the easternmost HSR in China at present. The pilot project of Mudanjiang-Jiamusi HSR was officially commenced in November 2016 and the track laying of the whole line was completed in November 2020. The HSR has 7 stations including Mudanjiang Station, Linkou South Station, Jixi West Station, Qitaihe West Station, Huanan East Station, Shuangyashan West Station and Jiamusi Station. Except that Mudanjiang Station and Jiamusi Station are existing stations, the rest are new stations.