Holing-through of All 14 Tunnels in the Two Contract Sections of Guangzhou-Shanwei High Speed Railway Completed

 Published:2021-06-24  【字体:

  Recently, Taipingshan Tunnel of the contract section 3 of Guangzhou-Shanwei HSR undertaken by China Railway Guangzhou Engineering Group Co., Ltd. was successfully holed through after 619 days' construction, marking the successful holing-through of all the tunnels in the contract section 3 of the Guangzhou-Shanwei HSR. So far, all the 14 tunnels in the contract sections 3 and 5 of Guangzhou-Shanwei HSR had been holed through, 5 months ahead of the schedule.

  Guangzhou-Shanwei HSR starts from Xintang Station and ends at Shanwei Station, via Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shanwei and other cities with eight stations, namely, Xintang Station, Zengcheng South Station, Luofushan Station, Boluo Station, Huicheng South Station, Huidong South Station, Shenshan Station and Shanwei Station.

  As of May 2021, 73.6% of subgrade works, 60.4% of bridge works and 64.9% of tunnel works had been completed for Guangzhou-Shanwei HSR. Construction preparations are now under way for track, station building and " communication, signaling, traction and power supply" works.