Highlights to Train Working Diagram Adjustment

 Published:2022-04-15  【字体:

       The transport capacity of thermal coal will be improved to better serve the national economy’s stable operation.

With the increased transport capacity thanks to Xingtai-Heshun County Railway open to traffic recently, four cargo trains will be added on to the coal-rich Shanxi province heading over to the eastern regions, from Heshun County to Xingtai South;

  The train operation structure of Haolebaoji-Ji'an Railway will be optimized to increase the four existing 10,000-ton heavy-haul trains to a total of eight heavy-haul trains;

  Four additional coal-transporting trains from Watang-Rizhao Railway to Beijing-Shanghai Conventional Railway will be operated by exploiting the transport capacity of conventional railways released due to the operation of Beijing-Shanghai HSR;

  Fourteen additional cargo trains are to be put into operation, originating from Xinjiang via the Dunhuang Line and Lanzhou-Qinghai Line, to improve the coal transport capacity from Xinjiang;

  54 additional through freight trains for coal transport across CR regional groups will be operated to further strengthen the transport capacity for the nation’s thermal coal supply.

  ● Freight trains for international through traffic and sea-rail intermodal transport will be increased to pursue higher-standard opening up.

  A total of four cross-border freight trains from Kunming East to Mohan on China-Laos Railway, four CRE trains and three New Western Land-Sea Corridor trains will be added respectively.

  ● The epidemic prevention and control are well-coordinated with the passenger and freight transport to continuously improve its service experience.

  The railway authority will accurately arrange the transport capacity according to the principle of "one day one diagram", continue to refine performance on its online service, vigorously promote the offline non-contact services and maintain its welcoming services to key passengers and "offline" users;

  It will upgrade the railway equipment and facilities, improve service quality, and further improve the operation of the "slow trains" for public-welfare;

  It will consolidate the overall upgrading of the railway freight 95306 platform to further enhance the convenience and customer service experience.

  ● Proactive prevention measures will be adopted in flood season to ensure the operation safety of passenger trains.