12306 Website Introduces Elderly-oriented and Barrier-free Functions to Provide Convenient Ticketing Services for the Older and Disabled People

 Published:2021-09-22  【字体:

  On September 1, the elderly-oriented and barrier-free functions are formally launched on 12306 website, providing more convenience for the older and disabled people to purchase tickets online. 12306 mobile app's elderly-oriented and barrier-free functions now under test will be launched in early September.

  Developing and launching the elderly-oriented and barrier-free functions on 12306 website and mobile app is a concrete measure for CHINA RAILWAY to implement the central government's requirement on practically solving the difficulties of the older and disabled people in using intelligent technology, and also the work result of the practical activity of "I do practical things for the masses" as part of the Party history learning and education. According to statistics, there are 25 million users over 65 years old registered on 12306 website currently. The implementation of elderly-oriented and barrier-free functions will effectively solve the actual difficulties encountered by the older and disabled people during online ticket purchase, help them better adapt to and join the smart society, and further improve the ticket purchase experience. The railway sector also retains offline channels such as cash ticketing and manual service, to strengthen the reservation service for key passengers and provide convenience in ticket purchase and travel.