Wonderful Red Tour on Shenyang-Dandong High Speed Railway

 Published:2021-06-24  【字体:

  "For all group tourists who travel by train to Shenyang Railway Exhibition Hall and Shanghekou Scenic Spot of Fenghuangcheng-Shanghekou Railway in Dandong, a 50% discount for the tickets of scenic spots is offered for a group purchase of more than 10 people, and a 70% discount for more than 50 people..." Recently, Ms. Wang, who lives in Shenyang, planned to take her family to Dandong for a visit. After learning about the people-benefit measures launched by China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd., she decided to travel by high speed railway.

  The areas along the Shenyang-Dandong HSR are rich in red tourism resources and have convenient and fast transportation, which has become the first choice for many tourists to start a red tour. Facing the peak passenger flow before and after the May Day holiday, China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. added 6 pairs of EMU trains on the Shenyang-Dandong HSR and scheduled the first train arrival at about 7:00am and last train departure at about 8:00pm to create convenient conditions for the "one-day tour" and "surrounding tour" passengers along the line.