First High Speed Tourist-dedicated Train in Yangtze River Delta in 2021 Launched

 Published:2021-04-08  【字体:

  At 7:24 on March 13, G7194, the first high speed tourist-dedicated train in Yangtze River Delta region in 2021, departed from Huangshan North Station with 700 passengers from Anhui, and headed for Jiande City, Zhejiang Province, known as "the first climate-livable city in China" through Hangzhou-Huangshan HSR, "the most beautiful HSR", to begin a spring trip.

  China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd., by keeping a close eye on market trends, has timely launched seasonal tourism products to meet market demands. In order to ensure both epidemic prevention and safe travel, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has implemented detailed epidemic prevention measures such as monitoring temperature of passengers before departure, checking the health green code, guiding passengers to correctly wear masks and use serving chopsticks, and distributing protective articles. The "mass transit-type" operation of high speed trains and the increasingly dense railway network in Yangtze River Delta region can effectively meet the needs of tourists for "fast arrival, slow travel" and "one stop arrival from home to scenic spots". At present, the railway sector has carried out business cooperation with the cultural and tourism authorities and tourism enterprises in various places to jointly explore a new mode of "huddle together for warmth". It has coordinated the HSRs and local resources to operate high speed tourist-dedicated trains or provide chartered compartments to tour groups, so that passengers can enjoy the benefits and convenience brought by the "HSR+" whole-journey service.