Jiangxi-Fujian "Silk Road Shipping Daily Service" Successfully Operates 1000 Trains

Published:2024-05-15 【字体:

     On May 8, the No.86833 sea-rail intermodal train, carrying 40 "Silk Road Shipping" smart containers, arrived at Xiamen International Logistics Port. These smart containers are loaded with JMC Motor spare parts. Departing from Xiangtang International Land Port, the train was unloaded at Xiamen International Logistics Port and transferred to Haitian Terminal, where it was loaded onto the "Haifeng Yokohama" cargo ship bound for Hai Phong, Vietnam. This marks the 1000th sea-rail intermodal train since the launch of the Jiangxi-Fujian "Silk Road Shipping Daily Service" in March 2023, indicating a significant milestone in the construction of the "Southeast Logistics Golden Channel" from Jiangxi to Fujian.

  "Silk Road Shipping" is China's first international comprehensive logistics service brand and platform with shipping as its theme under the "Belt and Road" Initiative (BRI). Since its launch in December 2018, it has opened 116 shipping routes connecting Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and other regions. This train is the first time that "Silk Road Shipping" smart containers have been transported via sea-rail intermodal transport. These smart containers are embedded with mobile communication and satellite positioning technology. Leveraging the "Silk Road Shipping" international shipping comprehensive service platform, they can provide full-process logistics visualization services from railways, ports, and sea transportation to overseas destinations for these high-value goods.