The Inaugural JSQ Commercial Car Special Train of CRE Train (Wuhan)

Published:2024-05-15 【字体:

     On April 29, the first JSQ commercial car special train (commonly known as "cage cars") of the CRE Train (Wuhan) departed from Wujiashan Railway Station of Hanxi Transportation Depot, passed through the Horgos Port, and ultimately arrived in Moscow, Russia. This marks the first time that the CRE Train (Wuhan) has operated a cage car special train, opening up an efficient and convenient international logistics channel for automobile companies in Hubei to seize the international market.

  The carriages used in this special train are specifically designed for transporting commercial cars, with two levels inside each carriage. Each carriage can carry 7 cars, and a full train consists of 29 carriages. After opening the front and rear doors, the entire train can achieve end-to-end connectivity, allowing cars to be driven directly into the carriages. Compared with railway containers, which can transport 2 to 3 cars per container, cage cars have a larger single batch capacity, higher loading and unloading efficiency, and lower transportation costs, saving customers up to 15% in logistics costs.

  The carrier of the CRE Train (Wuhan), Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics Co., Ltd., stated, "This first cage car special train is carrying 203 SUVs manufactured in Hubei. We actively coordinate with customers to provide personalized and customized 'door-to-door' supply chain solutions. In the future, we aim to export more local cars to Central Asia and Europe via cage cars."