Normalization of Express E-commerce Freight Trains from Xi'an to Urumqi

Published:2024-05-14 【字体:

       As of May 6, a total of 42 trains, comprising 1370 wagons, of the X387 express e-commerce freight train service from Xi'anguojigang Railway Station to Urumqi Sanping Railway Station have been operated. Since its inaugural run on March 26, the average running time of this train service has reached 35.9 hours. The total transportation time has been compressed by approximately 5 hours compared to road transport. The train composition has increased from the initial 30 wagons to 38 wagons, achieving stable and regular operations, with positive feedback from the market.

  Since the beginning of this year, to intensify the efforts of shifting transport "from road to rail" and help effectively reduce logistics costs across society, CR-Xi'an has strengthened cooperation with China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd.'s Xi'an Branch. They have visited express delivery companies such as SF Express, conducted in-depth market research, and collaborated with CR-Lanzhou and CR-Urumqi to implement preferential fare policies, jointly creating the Xi'an-to-Xinjiang "point-to-point" urban express brand.

  The X387 express e-commerce freight train service mainly sources goods from local express delivery companies in Xi'an, including small home appliances and daily necessities. The train adopts a "mainline railway freight train + two-terminal distribution" organization mode and operates as a "daily service" passenger train. It departs from Xi'anguojigang Railway Station every day, arriving at Sanping Railway Station the next day, covering a distance of 2,706 kilometers at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The train uses electronic locks with a BeiDou positioning function, allowing customers to track the trajectory of goods in real time via their mobile phones. Goods are delivered on the same day of arrival, and the next day, delivery personnel can deliver the goods to customers' hands.