"Railway Fast Clearance" Model Improves Port Clearance Capacity and Efficiency

Published:2024-05-09 【字体:

    Since the beginning of this year, the Freight Department of CR and the Department of Port Control of the General Administration of Customs have further optimized the information interaction process of the "Railway Fast Clearance" model based on the comprehensive application of "Digital Ports" and full-scale interaction of customs-railway information. This optimization aims to reduce intermediate links, shorten transit times for goods, help companies reduce logistics costs, and improve port clearance capacity and efficiency, ensuring the stable and smooth operation of international industrial and supply chains.

  Under the "Railway Fast Clearance" model, outbound goods are inspected and released by the customs at the departure station location, while inbound goods are inspected and released by the customs at the arrival station location. Logistics information and logistics supervision notifications at various nodes of domestic transportation are exchanged electronically between the railway and customs. Goods can be quickly transferred at port stations with no need for separate customs clearance or transit procedures.

  After the "Railway Fast Clearance" model was optimized, the time intervals for customer declaration have been extended, making nodes more flexible. The declaration for outbound fast clearance has been adjusted from "after the container enters the station" to "after the international through rail waybill is submitted." The data items for fast clearance declaration filled out by customers have been further simplified: for inbound fast clearance applications, customers only need to provide the international through rail waybill number, inbound container number or car number, port station, and destination information. Other information from the original manifest is translated and declared by the port station. In addition, customs declaration status queries for logistics information have been added, allowing customers to query relevant trajectory information anytime through the railway's 95306 system.

  The "Railway Fast Clearance" model has further released the operational capacity of port customs, with a promising development trend. In the first quarter of this year, the cumulative application of "Railway Fast Clearance" for cross-border goods reached 13,600, an increase of 9,600 year on year, representing a growth of 240%.