The First Refrigerated Container CRE Train from Northeast China Departs Successfully

Published:2024-05-07 【字体:

    On April 23 at 21:54, the CRE train No. 75083, carrying 230 tons of frozen meat, departed from the CRE Train (Shenyang) Assembly Center, bound for Moscow, Russia. This marks the first refrigerated container CRE train operated in Northeast China.

  "As the transportation of frozen meat and other food products requires strict temperature control, the refrigerated containers we use allow for constant temperature settings according to transportation needs, maintaining a temperature of -18°C throughout the journey. This creates transportation conditions for a variety of chilled and fresh food exports, including frozen foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, further expanding the range of exportable products," explained Li Haiping, Deputy Director of the Operations Department of the CRE Train (Shenyang) Assembly Center Construction and Operation Limited Company.

  To ensure the smooth operation of the first refrigerated container CRE train, the assembly center has invested more in related equipment and facilities based on the actual use of plug-in refrigerated containers. They have purchased and installed dedicated socket screens for refrigerated containers and modified power supply equipment, setting up dedicated areas capable of charging 16 sets of refrigerated containers simultaneously. Additionally, they have added a refrigerated container area management module to the station's comprehensive management system, synchronously improving digital management standards to comprehensively ensure the safety of CRE trains cold chain transportation.