Efficient and Smooth Transport of Key Supplies by CR Urumqi

 Published:2022-05-06  【字体:

             On April 24, 11,000 trains carrying 561,900 tons of supplies departed from the freight stations of CR Urumqi, heading for various destinations across the country, effectively ensuring the local enterprises’ production and the people’s livelihood. In recent days, CR Urumqi took all efforts to ensure the transport of key supplies on the railway trunk lines and branches, ensuring stable industrial and supply chains as the leading freight transport mode.
       Taking the key supplies transport as its top priority, CR Urumqi strictly implements the epidemic prevention and control during transport services, and makes every effort to ensure the transport of key supplies. It optimizes the traffic control of trains on Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway, Southern Xinjiang Railway and Jinghe-Yining-Huoerguosi Railway, ensuring the traffic on the trunk lines and branches with the efficient functioning of the marshalling stations. To fulfil the rising demands for the transport of epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities in dealing with the epidemic spread across the country since April, CR Urumqi has coordinated the transport organization as a whole, by guaranteeing the supply of empty wagons to be loaded, and proactively grasping the transport demand of key supplies, thus ensuring efficient and smooth transportation support.
       As an effort to overcome the epidemic impact, CR Urumqi has strengthened contact and coordination with relevant departments of local governments to give full play to the functions of the logistics bases, and strengthened its dispatch and command operation, to ensure smooth transportation channels with an improved traffic efficiency and fully ensure the industrial and supply chains stable. As of April 24, CR Urumqi has delivered a total of 64.189 million tons of goods this year.