Seizing Favorable Festival Opportunities to Increase Freight Volume and Revenue

 Published:2022-04-20  【字体:

         This year’s traditional Zhuang Sanyuesan Festival coincided with the Qingming holiday, and the people of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region enjoyed a 5-day holiday from April 2 to 6. Properly balancing epidemic prevention and control measures and transport operation, CR Nanning focused on the freight loading target during the Festival period and strengthened the organization of bulk freight sources, taking advantage of the favorable opportunities to promote incremental freight transport and revenue. From April 2 to 6, it transported 1,837,000 tons of goods cumulatively and created freight revenue of RMB 217 million, with a year-on-year increase of 4.6% and 2.6% respectively.
          Aligned with the daily average loading target of 6,400 cars, CR Nanning assigned the loading task to each subordinate station/depot during the holidays to ensure full fulfillment. The freight carriers under its administration kept communications with consignees one by one to secure the freight sources by category and formulated the customized loading plans, sparing no effort to fulfill the loading tasks during the holidays. In the management mode of "area + segment", CR Nanning took the measures of assigning special personnel to monitor the loading of key categories every day, and timely sorting out and feeding back any problems identified to ensure the smooth fulfillment of the loading targets.
           With more efforts made to organize sources of key goods such as gold ore and thermal coal, it made coordination with steelworks and power plants for purchasing spot goods in time, arranged delivery of goods to ports on the shipping schedule, to boost the transport increase of bulk freight; it coordinated with the production enterprises of steel, stone, plate and other goods to strengthen their stocks and took measures to stabilize the loading level of the external enterprises during the Festival; it intensified its efforts to explore the marketing of freight transport on China-Laos Railway, in conjunction with Nanning Branch of China Railway Container Transport Corp., Ltd., and successfully launched the first international freight train on China-Laos Railway within its administration on April 2, laying a foundation for further promoting the freight increase of China-Laos Railway.