Strong Efforts Made to Escalate Freight Transport While Striking a Balance Between Epidemic Control and Transportation

 Published:2022-04-15  【字体:

            In March, with an all-out-effort made on the special safety rectification action of "keeping to the bottom line, remedying every defect, eliminating all hidden dangers and preventing risks", CR has made meticulous contribution to the increase of freight transport and guaranteeing the transportation of key supplies, while sustaining the balance between the epidemic control and transport service, to fully shoulder its due responsibilities as a state-owned enterprise.

       With high consciousness to adapt to the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, it has made passenger transport adjustments flexible and timely. Under the premise of meeting the basic travel demands of the people, CR has kept prompt adjustments to the train operation plans according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements and the actual passenger load factor, paying close attention to the reduction of trains-in-operation numbers, so as to ensure that the transport capacity allocation is in step with the traffic volume; It has strictly implemented the prevention and control measures for passengers from areas listed with medium to high infection risks, and made timely and dynamic adjustments to their refund policy; It has conscientiously implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures across all their stations and provided meticulous services for passengers stranded from the sudden changes in epidemic prevention and control measures, safeguarding both their rights and interests.

    Cargo traffic operation is maintained at a constant high for better making up passenger transport deficiency with freight transport. In March, the average daily cargo loading on the national railways was 178,000 cars, with a year-on-year growth of 7.6%. The daily container loading reached a record high of 44,202 cars. Seizing on the current transport operation arrangement to make up passenger transport deficiency with freight transport and grasping the opportunity of current freight demand growth, CR launched a campaign of “loading 180,000 cars and unloading 200,000 cars” to increase its freight traffic volume. The CR regional groups have continuously optimized their transport organization, tapped into their load potential, improved transport efficiency, and fully released their freight transport capacity, thus making breakthroughs in making up passenger transport deficiency with freight transport.

    In March, CR strengthened its transport organization and made an all-out effort in guaranteeing the transport of key supplies, with obvious year-on-year increases in loading of grain, agricultural machineries and tools, coal, and other such categories, contributing positively to the stabilization of the domestic macroeconomy, ensuring production and people’s livelihoods, and facilitating the spring farming. According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, CR has opened “green channel” and arranged urgent transport of epidemic prevention supplies and daily necessities through the luggage and parcel cars via high speed railways. In March, more than 191 tons of supplies in 15,000 pieces were delivered cumulatively, including protective suits, testing reagents, medicines, and various medical apparatus. Acting on the principle of treating special and emergency matters with extraordinary and urgent measures, CR has made every effort in guaranteeing the transport of supplies to Hong Kong SAR. As of March 31, 35 special trains loaded with Central Government Aid to Hong Kong were operated crossing the Luohu Port, transporting 1,384 tons of various goods.