Railway Sector Delivered 330 Million tons Winter Coal in 60-day Special Campaign

 Published:2021-01-11  【字体:

  In December 2020, the railway system in China registered a daily coal delivery of 5.6 million tons and a daily coal loading of 80,000 cars, up 10% and 9.5% year on year respectively, among which the daily loading of thermal coal was 51,000 cars, up 9.9% year on year. The coal delivery by rail increased substantially, and both coal and thermal coal car loading reached record highs, which effectively alleviated the tight coal supply and guaranteed the stable national economy and the people's production and living demands.

  From November 1, 2020, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. launched a 60-day special campaign to ensure the supply of winter coal, during which it delivered 330 million tons of coal, an increase of 20 million tons year on year. Fully implementing the arrangement of the State Council on ensuring energy supply and keeping people warm for the winter, the railway sector has accurately formulated the plan for ensuring coal supply, and took effective measures to meet the transportation demand of coal for power generation and heating.