Zhejiang Shangtie Qianjiang Hotel

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       Zhejiang Shangtie Qianjiang Hotel is located in the first-class scenic area of West Lake of Hangzhou, facing the Qiantang River, with its back to Mount Dahuang, its east to Pagoda of Six Harmonies, and its west to Nine Creeks in Misty Forest. It has peaceful environment and the traffic is convenient. The hotel has a variety of service functions including accommodation, catering, conference, training and health management services and equipped with luxurious and elegant villas and 158 (sets of) guest rooms, which are comfortable and warm with excellent facilities. Its conference center, which can accommodate 300 people, is equipped with audio equipment such as multimedia and audio education, and can host large and medium-sized conferences of various scales. Provided with multi-function hall, gym, tennis, billiards, table tennis, badminton, swimming pool, chess and card room, etc., its entertainment and fitness center is an excellent place to keep fit. Its restaurant can receive 300 guests for catering at the same time, and also available for self-service meals and large-scale banquets, making it an ideal choice for recuperation, conference training and a leisure place on vacation.