Tourist train going around Northern Xinjiang

 Published:2019-07-26  【字体:

        In the summer and autumn of each year, CR Urumqi Group will run two tourist-dedicated "Golden Triangle" trains around northern Xinjiang every day, with Urumqi railway station as the starting point and the final destination. The train run clockwise to Yining or counterclockwise to Altay. The "golden triangle" tourist-dedicated train around northern Xinjiang adopts a bus frequency operation mode with fixed routes, stops and time. It runs to Yining and Altay in both directions every day, connecting the Urumqi, Yining and Altay. Through Kanas, Nalati Grassland, Sayram Lake, Bayanbulak and other golden tourist attractions and scenic spots, the trains are used to facilitate the great connection of tourist attractions, which can save the travel time of tourists to the greatest extent, flexibly and efficiently arrange long, medium and short-distance tours, and greatly improve the quality of tourist trains. In addition, many improvements have been made to the dedicated-train, which is equipped with advanced service facilities such as independent video equipment and provides bar, fitness and entertainment, Wi-Fi coverage, online terminals, featured tourism products, portable POS machines, packaged mail and other featured services, making passenger feeling at home during the travel.