Enhancing Grassroots Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Capabilities to Ensure Continuous Railway Safety and Stability

Published:2024-05-15 【字体:

    May 12 of this year marks the 16th National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day, with the theme "Everyone Is Aware of Safety, Everyone Knows Emergency Response - Focusing on Enhancing Grassroots Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Capabilities." CR earnestly studies and implements the important expositions of President Xi Jinping on disaster prevention, mitigation, and relief, thoroughly implements the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and solidly carries out various disaster prevention and mitigation work, creating a strong atmosphere for the high-quality development of railways.

  In recent days, railway units across the board have organized a variety of propaganda, training, and education activities following the characteristics of railway disaster prevention and rescue. They have utilized railway training bases, safety experience halls, and other venues to conduct emergency evacuation drills. Through various railway media platforms at all levels, they have disseminated popular science works on railway disaster prevention and mitigation, strengthened the publicity and reporting of disaster prevention, mitigation, and relief achievements and experiences, and enhanced the emergency response and road protection capabilities of officials, workers, and the public along the railway lines.