Railway Logistics Empowers the Development of Characteristic Industries in Central Plains

Published:2024-05-10 【字体:

     Since the beginning of this year, CR-Zhengzhou has been deeply studying and implementing the important speeches of President Xi Jinping and his important instructions and directives on railway work. Following the deployment requirements of the Party group of CR, with a focus on effectively reducing the logistics costs of society, CR-Zhengzhou has actively leveraged the advantages of railways in long-distance transportation, large volume, and low energy consumption to develop logistics products in line with market demand, fully promoting the development of characteristic industries in the Central Plains region.

  To enrich the supply of logistics products, CR-Zhengzhou relies on rural revitalization trains, mixed trains of "complete vehicles + spare parts" for automobiles, as well as fixed cabins, grouped hanging transportation, and full-range temperature-controlled cold chain transportation products. It provides characteristic services to contribute railway strength to the economic and social development of the Central Plains region.