Aksu- Pearl River Delta Rural Revitalization Freight Train Normalized Operation

Published:2024-05-08 【字体:

     At 16:12 on April 21, a freight train carrying 1,250 tons of cotton cloth and yarn from Aksu Railway Station in Xinjiang arrived at Jiangcun Railway Station in Guangdong. This marks the normalization of the Aksu-Pearl River Delta rural revitalization freight train, opening a logistics channel for the expansion of the market for products from southern Xinjiang to the Pearl River Delta.

  This rural revitalization freight train is part of the efforts by CR-Urumqi to accelerate the construction of the modern railway logistics system and increase the supply of intercity and multimodal transport freight train products. After laying out the Kurla-Wuhudong rural revitalization freight train route earlier this year, the railway authority added this route to the second quarter's railway schedule adjustment, providing new momentum to rural revitalization and development in southern Xinjiang.

  Currently, there are over 100 cotton textile enterprises that have been established and put into operation in southern Xinjiang, most of which are small and medium-sized. To facilitate these enterprises to ship goods locally, CR-Urumqi has established five shipping stations in Kurla, Aksu, Kashgarbei, Kashgar, and Shule. The starting and ending stations are determined based on the aggregation of goods sources. Special trains are used for operation, with goods delivered to multiple stations, shortening the distance of goods transshipment, further reducing logistics costs, effectively alleviating the pressure on production and operation funds for enterprises, and promoting the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises.