The First Study Tour Special Train from the Yangtze River Delta Arrives in the Dabie Mountains

Published:2024-04-29 【字体:

      On April 21 at 19:21, the first study tour special train of the year, Train Y775, departed from Shanghainan Railway Station with 580 teachers and students from Jincai High School in Shanghai. They headed to Liuan, Anhui, initiating a six-day journey exploring the red revolutionary history of the Dabie Mountains.

  Located in Liuan, Anhui, the Dabie Mountains region is rich in red revolutionary resources. CR-Shanghai has arranged activities highlighting the red culture characteristic of the Dabie Mountains region, by carefully selecting red tourist attractions, venues, and sites, with an emphasis on red education. During the six-day and five-night itinerary, teachers and students will visit landmarks such as the Red Army Square in Jinzhai County, the Revolutionary Museum of Jinzhai County, and the Foziling Reservoir Dam, also known as the "First Dam of New China," to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs and relive the revolutionary era.