"Lifeline Express" Holds Citizen Open Day Event in Beijing

Published:2024-04-25 【字体:

     Recently, a "Lifeline Express" train with a rainbow-like coat and double-decker carriages attracted attention at the Beijing Car Depot of CR-Beijing. Before the "Lifeline Express" embarked on its journey this year, the China Lifeline Express Foundation, in collaboration with the Beijing Car Depot, held a citizen open day event, inviting the public to board the "Lifeline Express" for an immersive tour of the "train hospital," watch educational videos on cataracts, explore the "Lifeline Express Journey to Brightness" photo exhibition, and receive free eye examinations from ophthalmic experts.

  The "Lifeline Express" is the only mobile ophthalmic "train hospital" dedicated to charitable medical activities in China. Since its inception in 1997, the "Lifeline Express" has traveled to 28 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, stopping at 210 stations, enabling 230,000 cataract patients to regain their sight and embark on a happy and sunny new life.