Railway Services Composes a New Chapter for the Era from a New Starting Point

Published:2024-04-10 【字体:

    In the central region of China, bridging the east and west, linking the north and south, lies a landmass that accommodates approximately one-tenth of the country's territory and sustains around one-fourth of its population, contributing to approximately one-fifth of the nation's economic output. This region plays a pivotal role in the nation's development, as it serves as a crucial base for grain production, energy and raw materials, modern equipment manufacturing, high-tech industries, and comprehensive transportation hubs.

  Since the 18th CPC National Congress, President Xi Jinping has made numerous inspections, outlining plans for the rise of the central region. In May 2019, during a symposium on promoting the rise of the central region held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, Xi Jinping pointed out the direction of stepping up efforts to create a landscape for the rise of the region, stating, "The central region is the 'backbone' of the nation, and it should be strengthened and 'replenished' to play a greater supportive role." In March 2024, during a symposium on promoting the rise of the central region in the new era held in Changsha, Hunan Province, Xi Jinping pointed out that "the development of the central region has reached a new starting point."

  The Party leadership of CR has thoroughly studied and implemented the important speeches and instructions of President Xi Jinping on railway work, with a focus on serving and supporting major national strategies. By constructing new lines, increasing speeds, and facilitating logistics, CR has been strengthening the railway arteries in the central region, enhancing the transportation supply capacity, and striving to build a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network to support regional coordinated development.

  Over the past five years, the operational mileage of high speed railways in the six central provinces has continued to grow. The interconnection of high speed railways among the Yangtze River Midstream Urban Agglomeration, the Central Plains Urban Agglomeration, and the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration plays a bridging role in building a unified national market and promoting regional coordinated development. This central region of China, which is an ancient land that nurtured Chinese civilization, is now writing a new chapter of its rise in the new era.

  Henan, Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, and Hunan offer abundant opportunities for imagination. Here, ancient mountains have remained silent for millennia, with vast plains stretching for miles. Here, the rich land is complemented by a splendid culture.

  Geographical proximity lays the foundation for the six central provinces to progress together. The crisscrossing railway lines, like intricate arteries, transform the resource advantages of the central region into economic strengths, narrowing the gap between regions, urban and rural areas, and incomes, ensuring smooth economic circulation in the central region. With favorable conditions and concerted efforts, a bright future lies ahead, just like winter heralds the arrival of spring. Looking down upon the vast land of the central region, one can see steel lines stretching across the landscape, with numerous ongoing projects progressing rapidly, making this railway network increasingly intricate.