CHINA RAILWAY Donates Books Worth RMB 1 million to Luanchuan

 Published:2021-10-25  【字体:

  Recently, CHINA RAILWAY donated 21671 books worth RMB 1 million to Luanchuan County, Henan Province, one of its targeted poverty alleviation county.

  These books are provided by China Railway Publishing House Co., Ltd., covering many fields such as architectural engineering, literature and art, e-commerce, garden design, Chinese and Western cooking. The donated books were sent to Luanchuan Secondary Vocational School to further enrich the "Locomotive" reading room and expand the students' horizons of the school.

  Luanchuan County is a targeted poverty alleviation county of CHINA RAILWAY. Since the poverty alleviation was started in 2012, the railway sector has directly invested RMB 13.52 million as educational assistance funds, introduced RMB 4.243 million of social donations, built 17 infrastructure projects such as teaching buildings, dormitory buildings, computer classrooms, libraries, sports grounds in 32 primary and secondary schools in 11 townships of the county, and funded 16 educational projects, which benefited more than 17,700 teachers and students. This year, China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd. sent 16 outstanding railway youth workers to join the supported teaching activities at 7 primary schools in Luanchuan County.

  On behalf of CHINA RAILWAY, China Railway Publishing House donated 9,844 books worth RMB 500,000 to Luanchuan Secondary Vocational School in 2020, and established the "Locomotive" reading room.