Five Primary-level Railway Poverty-alleviation Officials Appear at Press Conference of the State Council Information Office of China

 Published:2020-12-01  【字体:

  On the morning of November 18, at the meeting with Chinese and foreign journalists held by the State Council Information Office of China, five primary-level railway poverty-alleviation officials shared their impressive poverty alleviation stories and work experiences from the aspects of the poverty alleviation with construction, poverty alleviation with transportation, targeted poverty alleviation, etc. Their simple words explained the railway poverty-alleviation officials' steadfastness and sense of responsibility.

  Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. has conscientiously implemented the central government's decision and deployment on poverty alleviation, given full play to its advantages in the industry, taken initiative to assume its social responsibilities, and continuously innovated approaches in poverty alleviation, thus making significant contributions to winning the battle against poverty. Up to now, four targeted poverty alleviation counties of CHINA RAILWAY and 51 targeted poverty-stricken villages designated by provincial Party committees and governments have been alleviated from poverty as scheduled.