China’s Major Media Highlight Railway Sector's Poverty Alleviation Achievements in Luanchuan County

 Published:2020-10-19  【字体:

  From September 21 to 25, the Publicity Department and Poverty Alleviation Office of China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. organized 25 reporters from the major media of the central government, provinces and cities, such as People's Daily and Xinhua News Agency, to go deep into Luanchuan county, Henan province, the poverty alleviation assistance target of CHINA RAILWAY, for investigation and interviews on the railway sector's poverty alleviation achievements.

  During the interviews, focusing on the general conditions of poverty alleviation in Luanchuan and the railway sector's achievements in railway construction, transportation and targeted poverty alleviation, the media reporters surveyed and visited the railway sector's poverty alleviation projects such as Xinnan village's "railway town", Boyunling village's party-building poverty alleviation, Dawangmiao village's quadrangle courtyard and research and tourism base, Xiexin village's farmhouse hotel reconstruction, Shizimiao Central Primary School's audio-visual classroom, Baitu town's ecological persimmon vinegar factory, HSR trackless station and the flagship store of "Luanchuan Impression". In the interview talks on railway sector's poverty alleviation, the railway sector's poverty alleviation officials, local government leaders and local people were interviewed by the media. The media reporters reported the railway sector's poverty alleviation practices and achievements in Luanchuan from various angles, in multiple languages and in all media forms.