“Slow Trains" Benefit People in Mountainous Areas

 Published:2020-08-06  【字体:

  Today, with the rapid development of HSR, there are still some "slow trains" running between big cities and villages. They stop at small stations and have low fares, which are very popular among villagers living in areas along their routes. There are no good-looking attendants on these trains, only the experienced staff who serve the people in mountainous areas all the year round. These experienced staff have been working on the slow trains for decades, and have become good friends with villagers traveling on these trains.

  At 7:01 on July 23, the K5203 "slow train" originated from Tianjin Station, heading for Lucheng Station in Shanxi. With Tianjin Passenger Transport Depot of China Railway Beijing Group Co., Ltd. on duty, this "slow train" has provided convenient services for people living in mountainous areas along the route in the past 35 years, and is called the "convenience train" and "happiness train" by local people.

  Stopping at 23 stations along the route, this "slow train" connects the mountainous towns such as Handan, Wu'an, Yangyi, Jingdian, Shexian and Licheng. It is the train with the longest running time (nearly 14 hours) and longest mileage (813 km) in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. Blocked by mountains and complex geographical conditions, over 1.7 million people living in the mountainous areas along the route have seen this train as their important means of travel.

  Over the years, this train has not only been a means of transportation for these people, but also the most effective channel for them to go out to work and get rid of poverty. Some people in mountainous areas will take hickory, pepper, dried persimmon and other mountain specialties to Shijiazhuang and Handan for sale.

  After 35 years of operation, this "slow train" has grown from a young and ignorant teenager to a vigorous young man, crossing mountains to bring happiness to people living in mountainous areas. It enthusiastically serves its passengers, forms deep friendship with them, and helps people in mountainous areas to run towards a well-off life.