CHINA RAILWAY Donates Books to Luanchuan, Henan

 Published:2020-07-21  【字体:

  On June 29, China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. donated 9,844 books worth RMB 500,000 to Luanchuan County, Henan Province.

  The donated books involve literature, popular science, history and other categories. It is reported that the donated books were sent to Luanchuan County Secondary Vocational School on the day of donation. The school will set up a "locomotive reading room" with these books, which will enrich students' reading and broaden their horizons.

  Luanchuan County has become a poverty-alleviation target of CHINA RAILWAY from 2012. Since then, according to the unified deployment of the central government on poverty alleviation, the railway sector has directly and indirectly allocated over RMB 40 million to Luanchuan County in the fields of infrastructure, education, tourism, medical care, Party building, and sales of agricultural products. It also implemented 64 assistance projects which have directly benefited more than 70,000 people. Insisting on the combination of poverty alleviation with aspiration raising and knowledge education, the railway sector has continued to increase its educational assistance to Luanchuan County. It has raised a total of RMB 8.832 million to build 8 schools and subsidize poverty-stricken students in more than 10 schools. Its assistance has helped more than 9,000 students, including over 1,800 poverty-stricken students.