Building the Bridge of China-Thailand Friendship Through Hard Work

 Published:2024-03-01  【字体:

      Located 80 kilometers north of the Thai capital Bangkok, a high-speed railway parallel to the old tracks is under intensive construction. This is Section 4-3 of the China-Thailand High Speed Railway project located in the city of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand. The builders of this section are from China State Construction Engineering Corporation (hereinafter “CSCEC”). Even during the Spring Festival, they remain steadfast in their posts.

  As a key project of the jointly constructed “Belt and Road” Initiative (BRI) between China and Thailand and Thailand’s first standard-gauge high-speed railway, the China-Thailand High Speed Railway adopts Chinese standards for design and construction. The first phase of the project connects Bangkok to the northeastern Thai gateway of Chang Wat Nakhon Ratchasima, divided into 14 sections for construction. The second phase will extend to Changwat Nong Khai, a major border trade town in northeastern Thailand just across the river from the Laotian capital Vientiane. Upon completion, the project will inject new vitality into Thailand’s economic and social development and regional connectivity.

  During the Spring Festival, Chinese and Thai employees on the project engage in various activities such as pasting couplets, making dumplings, playing basketball games, and holding cultural performances amidst their busy work. Zhou Jiayi, project manager of the China-Thailand High Speed Railway at CSCEC, stated: “In the new year, the builders of the China-Thailand High Speed Railway will continue to build the bridge of China-Thailand friendship through hard work, promote the early completion of the project, and write a new chapter of jointly constructing the BRI with youth.”