High Passenger Volume Continues on the Laos Section of the China-Laos Railway

 Published:2024-02-28  【字体:

     Beijing, January 30 (Reported by Wang Zhaojie and Wen Yonghua) - Since the beginning of the year, there has been a seasonal increase in tourists “escaping the cold” from China, South Korea, and Japan, to Laos. Coupled with a large number of Chinese passengers taking the international passenger trains of the China-Laos Railway back home for the Chinese New Year, tourist flows and visiting relatives have overlapped, resulting in a continuous high volume of passengers on the Laos section of the China-Laos Railway. On January 20, the daily passenger volume on the Laos section of the China-Laos Railway reached 12,602, hitting a new historical high.

  The Laos-China Railway Company Limited fully leverages China’s successful railway operation experience, carefully analyzes the seasonal passenger flow changes in Laos, and adopts multiple effective measures to manage and utilize the China-Laos Railway, known as the “golden corridor,” to the fullest extent, thereby meeting the travel needs of passengers to the maximum extent.

  The Laos-China Railway Company Limited made advance predictions and plans, scientifically analyzed passenger travel demands, increased capacity input, and purchased an additional set of multiple units from domestic manufacturers in China at the end of last year. Starting from January 22, 2024, the Laos section of the China-Laos Railway implemented a new train schedule, increasing the daily operation of passenger trains from 5 pairs to 6 pairs. They also regularly added trains from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, and timely implemented measures such as train coupling and adding carriages to ensure sufficient capacity.

  To ensure that maintenance staff are fully present and on duty during the holiday period, the Laos-China Railway Company Limited encourages employees to take leave in advance, stagger their holidays, and take post-holiday compensatory leave in an orderly manner. They also organized visits to grassroots units to inspire on-duty staff's enthusiasm for work.

  The Laos-China Railway Company Limited has also formulated emergency plans for station security and train safety during peak passenger flow periods. Furthermore, safety drills were organized for train emergencies and sudden power outages along the entire line. They have increased personnel for passenger station entry security checks to prevent dangerous items from boarding trains. Additionally, they have organized maintenance departments to strengthen patrols along the line and rectify safety hazards to ensure railway operations safety during the holiday period.

  Quality services help the railway connect to people and warm their hearts. The Laos-China Railway Company Limited has established a passenger service working group to guide the optimization of station services on-site. They have upgraded the LCR Ticket App for online ticket purchases, supporting registrations with phone numbers from China, Laos, and Thailand, optimizing business processes. Additionally, they will soon launch functions such as printing reimbursement vouchers and offline window changes for electronic tickets. Tailored services are provided for key passenger groups such as the elderly, children, the disabled, and pregnant women. They have organized station music flash mobs and train music festivals to create a warm and comfortable travel environment for passengers.