The International Passenger Train on the China-Laos Railway Welcomes Its First Spring Festival Travel Rush

 Published:2024-02-05  【字体:

    The 2024 Spring Festival travel rush kicked off on January 26, marking the first Spring Festival travel rush for the international passenger train on the China-Laos Railway since its opening on April 13, 2023.

  Since the beginning of 2024, passenger flow on the Laotian section of the China-Laos Railway has remained strong, with an average daily passenger count exceeding ten thousand. To address the challenge of ticket purchasing resulting from the surge in international passenger train demand, the cross-border seating capacity of the China-Laos Railway’s international passenger train has been increased from 300 to 350 seats starting from January 26, facilitating more passengers to travel between China and Laos.

  It is reported that, in preparation for the Spring Festival travel rush, the Vientiane Operation and Management Center of the China-Laos Railway has strengthened communication and coordination with relevant departments of the Lao-China Railway Company Limited. They have planned in advance and taken multiple measures, including optimizing service measures promptly, precisely analyzing the changes in passenger flow patterns, increasing transportation capacity, and implementing differentiated services for key passengers such as the elderly, children, disabled individuals, and pregnant women. These efforts are aimed at ensuring the orderly, smooth, and safe operation of the China-Laos Railway during the 2024 Spring Festival travel rush.