Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway Operational for 100 Days, Serving 1.45 Million Passengers

 Published:2024-02-05  【字体:

      According to China Railway International Group Co., Ltd., the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway in Indonesia has been in operation for 100 days, having served a cumulative total of 1.45 million passengers, with the highest daily occupancy rate reaching 99.6%, maintaining a consistently high passenger flow.

  Septian Hario Seto, Deputy Minister of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs of Indonesia, stated in an interview with Xinhua News Agency on the same day, “The Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway has completely changed the transportation between Jakarta and Bandung. We are eager to expand cooperation with China.”

  He expressed that the cooperation with China in building the high speed railway has brought considerable benefits to Indonesia, not only introducing advanced technology but also enhancing human capital through knowledge transfer. He hopes that this cooperation can continue for the long term, further promoting Indonesia’s connectivity goals.

  The Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway connects the Indonesian capital Jakarta with the tourist city Bandung, with a maximum operating speed of 350 kilometers per hour. After its opening, the travel time between the two cities was reduced from over 3 hours to just 46 minutes.

  The spokesperson of China Railway International Group Co., Ltd. stated that the Sino-Indonesian Operation and Maintenance Consortium timely adjusted and optimized the train operation schedule based on local public holidays and passenger flow conditions, adding EMU train services. The number of daily EMU train services increased from the initial 14 trains to 40 trains, reaching 48 trains during peak weekend passenger flows. In the first 100 days of operation, a total of 3,487 high speed train services were operated, with the highest daily passenger throughput reaching 21,537 people. The Sino-Indonesian Operation and Maintenance Consortium also actively promoted internet ticketing services, continuously improving the efficiency of offline ticket window purchases.

  To make passenger travel more convenient, ticket inspection gates on both sides of the Halim Railway Station were opened for inspection, and Padalarang Railway Station optimized ticket inspection and transfer channels. Connections with taxis, light rail, and normal-speed railways were improved. Additionally, Halim Railway Station, Padalarang Railway Station, and Tegalluar Railway Station opened fast-food restaurants, cold drink shops, and convenience stores. The EMU train service also provides diversified services such as a cold drink bar, coffee, and snacks, and is equipped with barrier-free facilities to meet the diverse needs of passengers.