Guangxi Operates First Cross-Border Container Freight Train to Vietnam

 Published:2024-01-24  【字体:

      On the evening of January 15 at 19:25, the 24505 Sino-Vietnam cross-border container freight train, loaded with fiberboard, departed from Nanning International Railway Port, exited through the Pingxiang railway port, and smoothly arrived at Yên Viên Station in Hanoi, Vietnam after 14 hours and 30 minutes. This train marks the first cross-border container freight train from Guangxi to export fiberboard to Vietnam.

  China and Vietnam are connected by mountains and rivers, and the Spring Festival is also an important holiday in Vietnam. Before the Spring Festival, it is a bustling period for Vietnam to produce New Year decorations and furniture. China is an important source of imported fiberboard for Vietnam. The fiberboard transported by this train originates from Guangxi and is exported to Vietnam for interior decoration.

  The surface of the fiberboard is prone to wear and scratches, which will affect its appearance and quality. To protect the goods from damage during transportation, Nanning Freight Center of CR-Nanning strictly controls the loading and reinforcement process of the goods. To ensure the smooth operation of the train, Nanning Freight Center provides a “green channel” service throughout the entire process of cross-border cargo transportation, container selection, loading, and transportation.

  “Cross-shaped and staggered reinforcement is adopted between each column of goods inside the containers to prevent the goods from shifting and bouncing forward and backward. At the same time, we rationally allocate loading and unloading machinery and labor to improve loading and unloading efficiency, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the Sino-Vietnam cross-border container freight train,” explained Zhang Jun, Deputy Director of Nanning Freight Center’s Nanning South Business Office.

  Pang Guoqi, Deputy General Manager of SINOTRANS Guangxi Co., Ltd., said, “Our produced fiberboard used to be transported by road. This is the first time it has been exported by railway. With the normalized operation of Sino-Vietnam cross-border container freight trains, the stability, timeliness, and safety of cargo transportation are guaranteed. This not only helps us enhance the competitiveness of our products and gain recognition from more customers but also creates more opportunities for us to expand into overseas markets.”

  With the Spring Festival approaching and the festive atmosphere growing stronger, CR-Nanning fully leverages the advantages of convenience brought by the normalized operation of the Sino-Vietnamese fast customs clearance train. By using digital customs declaration and fast customs clearance, they will organize the operation of Sino-Vietnam New Year freight train in the near future. Chinese beverages, biscuits, candies, as well as Vietnamese durian dried, cashews, coconut sugar, and other foods will be continuously delivered to the tables of the people in both countries through this vital transportation link.