Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway Exceeds 1 Million Passengers

 Published:2024-01-10  【字体:

    China Railway International Group Co., Ltd. announced on the 25th that as of December 24, the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway, a flagship project under the China-Indonesia “Belt and Road” Initiative cooperation, has cumulatively transported over 1 million passengers.

  On December 23, coinciding with the weekend and local public holidays, passenger traffic at the Halim Railway Station in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, surged. The KCIC, responsible for operating the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway, promptly adjusted and optimized the train schedule based on the pre-sale situation of train tickets. They increased the operation of multiple-unit trains and expanded the number of train services, further enhancing transportation capacity.

  The Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway, officially inaugurated on October 17, is a landmark project connecting the “Belt and Road” Initiative with Indonesia’s “Global Maritime Fulcrum” concept, symbolizing practical cooperation between China and Indonesia. Stretching 142 kilometers, it links Jakarta and the fourth-largest city in Indonesia, Bandung. This project marks the first time that China’s high speed railway system has been implemented overseas, with all aspects and the entire industry chain.