Over 5,500 CHINA RAILWAY Express Trains Operated by CR Jinan

 Published:2022-05-26  【字体:

            On May 15, a China Railway Express (CRE) train fully loaded with chemical raw materials, tires and other cargos departed from Jinannan Railway Station of China Railway Jinan Group Co., Ltd., heading for Vorsino Station in Russia. The train consisting of 50 cars and carrying more than 900 tons of cargos, will arrive at Vorsino Station in about 15 days after leaving China via Alataw Pass Port.
        In recent years, CR Jinan's train operation under the brand of CHINA RAILWAY Express Train has become increasingly mature. As of May 15, a total of more than 5,500 CRE trains have been operated, originating from and destined for railway stations within its jurisdiction. The authority also launched international through traffic products, including SCO Express, Shandong-Europe Express and China-Laos Railway International Freight Train and so forth, on up to 52 operational routes reaching 54 cities in 23 countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. An efficient and smooth international logistics corridor has been taking shape.
        CR Jinan has made constant efforts to innovate the product patterns of CRE trains, including the railway organization modes of bulk cargo gathering and whole train delivery and various customized CRE train services, and operated 233 customized trains for famous enterprises such as Haier Group, Sinotruk, Linglong Tire, Xiaoya Group, as well as micro, small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, attracting more than 30 enterprises to settle in Shandong.
        Since the beginning of this year, CR Jinan has strengthened the transport capacity guarantee, improved the loading and unloading efficiency of stations and yards, optimized the international through transport management measures, and promoted the rapid customs clearance services. It established the CHINA RAILWAY Express Marshalling Center in Jinan, Qingdao and Linyi for Qilu CRE trains, in an effort to enhance the service capacity of international freight trains. In the first quarter, CR Jinan has operated 462 CRE trains originating from and destined for railway stations under its administration, with a year-on-year increase of 21.6%, demonstrating strong brand influence and international logistics competitiveness.