Through Transport of “China-Laos Railway International Freight Train + CRE Trains” Made Its Debut in China

Published:2022-05-26 【字体:

          On the morning of May 18, a CRE train carrying 50 TEUs departed from Dulaying Railway Station under the administration of Guiyangnan Railway Station, bound for Budapest, Hungary. The rubber products in five containers had been transported to Guiyang by an international freight train from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, through China-Laos Railway by means of road-rail intermodal transport, and were reloaded onto this CRE train heading for Europe. This marks the debut of through transport in the pattern of “China-Laos Railway international freight train + CRE train in China.
      After departing from Dulaying Railway Station, this train loaded with cargos, including displays, radiators, engines, tires, daily necessities, etc., will pass through the border at Horgos Port and arrive in Budapest, Hungary in half a month. This through transport marks the first transfer operation between two major international corridors in Guizhou, which is conducive to further expanding the international market, improving railway capacity, and strengthening the function of the terminal, thus leading the high-quality inland open economy in Guizhou to a whole new level. 
     This is our first attempt to deliver goods to European customers in the pattern of combining China-Laos Railway international freight train with CRE train. Compared with the previous transport by sea or by air for the whole journey, this pattern can shorten the transport time by about one week and improve safety, opening a new path for delivering goods from Southeast Asia to Guizhou, or to Central Asia and Europe via transit at Guizhou,” a logistics company official said.
      In order to ensure the smooth and through operation of the China-Laos Railway international freight trains and CRE trains, Guiyangnan Railway Station of CR Chengdu, putting transport safety as a priority and giving full play to the advantages of its location and functions as a transport hub, took the initiative to communicate with relevant local authorities, and strictly implemented such procedures as acceptance of goods, wagon selection, customs inspection, allocation of empty wagons and preparation of operation plan. Meanwhile, relevant stations of CR Chengdu strengthened communication and cooperation between the train operation personnel and freight operation personnel, and prepared the shunting plan in line with the operation plan in advance, and made an overall plan on the transport capacity allocation, in an intensive effort to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the trains.
     Going forward, CR Chengdu will further consolidate the hub functions of railways in Guizhou, deepen the cooperation mechanism between CR Chengdu and non-railway enterprises, and vigorously promote the through transport of CRE trains, New Western Land-Sea Corridor trains and China-Laos Railway international freight trains, supporting high-quality development and high-level opening-up of western China with strong transport capacity.