First CR Express Train with Unified Schedule Arrives in Germany

 Published:2022-11-09  【字体:

   China’s first unified schedule freight train, carrying photovoltaic inverters, motor compressors and vacuum cleaners, arrived in Duisburg of Germany after a 11-day, 9,908-kilometer journey from Xi’an, northwest China’s Shaanxi province, at 22:30 on November 5 local time (21:30 GMT).

The arrival marks the first-ever CR Express train with a unified schedule for the whole journey through China and Europe, including sections with broad-gauge tracks in foreign countries. Since then, the regular rail traffic with fixed arrival and departure time has taken the services of CR Express freight trains to a new height.

  Compared with the trains running on altered timetables, full-time schedule freight trains work with fixed departure schedules and reliable transit time for multiple locations, including setting time frames for reloading cargos before passing through border ports, so that the transport time will be more predictable throughout the entire journey.